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The term epidemic protocol is sometimes used as a synonym for gossip protocol, as gossip disseminates information in the same way as spreading a virus in an organic community. Paxos is usually used where shelf life is needed (e.g. B to replicate a file or database) where the amount of permanent state can be large. The protocol tries to progress even at a time when a limited number of replicas are not responding. There is also a mechanism to clear a replica that has been permanently failed or to add a new replica. Note that Paxos is not guaranteed and therefore does not have Liveness property. This is supported by the fischer Lynch Paterson impossible result (FLP) [6], which states that a consistency protocol can only have two of safety, liveliness, and error tolerance. Since Paxos` goal is to ensure error tolerance and safety, it cannot guarantee viability. There are two main methods for designing a simultaneous object. Traditionally, designers use critical sections to resolve this issue, which means that only one process can visit the object at the same time and others have to wait for that process to leave the critical section. This method is simple and easy to implement. However, systems with critical sections are exposed to the risk of crash if a process dies in the critical part or sleeps for an intolerable period of time. The Paxos family of protocols includes a range of trade-offs between the number of processors, the number of message delays before learning the agreed value, the activity level of each participant, the number of messages sent, and the types of errors.

Although no deterministic consensus protocol can guarantee the progress of an asynchronous network (a result demonstrated in a paper by Fischer, Lynch and Paterson[6], paxos guarantees security (consistency), and the conditions that could prevent it from progressing are difficult to cause. In subsequent instances of the Paxos base protocol with the same Leader version as in previous instances of the Paxos base protocol, Phase 1 can be skipped. In most models of the communication protocol, participants communicate through authenticated channels. This means that messages are not anonymous and recipients know the source of any message they receive. Some models start from a stronger, transferable form of authentication where each message is signed by the sender, so that a recipient knows not only the immediate source of each message, but also the participant who originally created the message. This larger mode of authentication is achieved through digital signatures, and if this stronger form of authentication is available, protocols can tolerate more errors. [2] Suppose we want to find the object that most fits a search pattern, in a network of unknown size, but where computers are connected to each other and a small agent program is run on each computer to implement a gossip protocol. Some cryptocurrencies, like Ripple, use a system of validation nodes to validate the main book. This system used by Ripple, called Ripple Protocol Consensus Algorithm (RPCA), works in rounds: Step 1: Each server establishes a list of transactions of valid candidates; Step 2: Each server gathers all the candidates from their unique Nodes List (UNL) and votes on their veracity. Step 3: Transactions exceeding the minimum threshold are passed to the next round.

Step 4: The last round requires 80% agreement[30] The number of consensus in the hierarchy means the maximum number of processes in the system that can reach a consensus by the given object. Objects with a higher consensus cannot be implemented by objects with a lower consensus number. The consensus problem requires concordance between a number of processes (or agents) for a single data value. Some of the processes (agents) may be down or otherwise unreliable, so consensus protocols must be tolerant or resilient. One way or another, processes need to expose their candidate values, communicate with each other, and agree on a single consensual value. . . .

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