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Note: Concordance in this sense is often used to introduce a case or authority that corresponds to the cited case or the cited authority, as for example in a sentence such as “. a decision based on just principles. Smith v. Jones, 1 F.2d 2 (1900). » AGREEMENT, in contracts. A satisfaction agreed between the injuring party and the injured party which, when performed, constitutes a back and forth for all acts on this account. 3 bl. Com. 15; Ferry. Abr, Agreement. 2. To make a good deal, it is important: 1. That the deal is legal. There is no question of an agreement to drop the prosecution for assault and incarceration.

5 east, 294. See 2 Wils. 341 Kr. Eliz. 541. 3.-2. It must be beneficial to the Contracting Party; Consequently, the recovery of his property or land, from which the defendant has improperly expropriated it, will not constitute consideration for the applicant to support a promise by the applicant not to prosecute him for those violations. Ferry. Abr.

Agreement, &c. A; An advantage. see 749; dyeer, 75; 5 east, R. 230; 1 rue R. 426; 2. T. R. 24; 11 est, R. 390; 3 falcons, R. 580; 2. Lit.

R. 49; A stew. R. 476; 5 days, rule 360; 1 Racine, R. 426; 3 Mi. R. 66; 1. Wend, R.

164; 14 Wend. R. 116; 3 J. Marsh. R. 497. 4-3. It has to be safe. Therefore, an agreement where the defendant renounces ownership of a house to satisfaction, &c., is not valid, unless it is agreed when it will be abandoned. Yelv. 125. See 4 as 88; 2 John.

342; 3 lev. 189. 5-4. The defendant must be aware of the contract. Therefore, if the consideration for the promise not to bring a lawsuit comes from another, the defendant is a stranger to the agreement and the fact that the promise was made to him will be useless. 592; Six, John. R. 37; 3 monr. R. 302, but in this case, the court grants an exemption by interlocutory proceedings. 3 monr. R.

302; 5 east, R. 294; 1 Smith`s R. 615; Cro. Eliz. 641; 9 co. 79,b; Three mockeries. R. 117; 5 co. 117, born 6.-5.

The Agreement must be executed. 5. John. R. 386; 3 John. Case. 243; 16 John. R. 86; Two wash.C.C. R.

180; Six Wend. R. 390; 5 N.H. Rep. 136; Com. Dig. Agree, B4. 7.

Inst. No. 24 78-79-80-81. Null execution of commitments. Diplomats from Russia, Ukraine, the United States and the European Union drafted the agreement on 17 April. An agreement that settles a dispute and generally requires a debtor to accept a compromise or satisfaction from the debtor with slightly less than what was originally requested.. . . .

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