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3. – (1) The importation of sugar into the Commonwealth is prohibited, except with the written consent of the Minister. (a) a representative of employers working in the sugar or fruit industry; it considers it necessary to control the production of raw sugar. 4. That the Queensland government purchase all raw cane sugar grown in New South Wales during the 1933-34, 1934-1935 and 1935-36 seasons. 6. The amount of white sugar made available by the Queensland Government in accordance with item 5 of this agreement cannot exceed (c) a representative of producers of exported products containing sugar stripped by those producers. (b) the agreement referred to in point (a) of this clause is the agreement between the right-wing honorary citizen, Mr. James Henry Scullin, the first July thirty-first month of June, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia acting for and on behalf of the Commonwealth Government of Australia of one party, and the Honourable Arthur Edward Moore Premier of the State of Queensland, for and on behalf of the Queensland Government of the other party, with respect to the acquisition and purchase of raw sugar from sugar cane in Queensland and New South Wales during the 1931-32 seasons, 1932-1933 worked, 1933-1934, 1934-1935 and 1935-1935-1935 1936 and the sale of refined sugar and other sugar-based products and other secondary issues.

These prices are set at amounts not exceeding the proportional values of these products compared to the prices shown above for refined sugars of 1a and 1xd. 14. That the Australian equivalent of the world price of sugar parity for Australian refined cane sugar, which is included in manufactured products exported during the period from 5 January, is nine hundred and thirty-one days and the 31st day of 10 January. semi-refined sugar (i.e. mill white) or refined sugar of all foreign origins may be set by the Committee to take into account the quality of the Australian refined cane sugar content for these products, provided that the foreign sugar presented for price comparison is reasonably available in Australia under normal trading and shipping conditions and that the deterioration of sugar during transit is taken into account. Compared with Australian refined sugars, the following headings are added to the c.i.f. and e. costs for foreign raw sugar:- 9.

That the Queensland government, on behalf of the Australian cane sugar industry, bear responsibility for any losses resulting from the export of excess sugar from Australia. 12. that the Commonwealth Government continue to prohibit compliance with clauses 3 to 11 (including) of this agreement until the 31st day of August 16, except (b) the allocation of sugar cane acreage in accordance with the “Sugarcane Price Regulations 1915 to 1931”; and/or (a) the sugar that the Commonwealth government deems necessary, after consultation with the Queensland government, to deal with a sugar shortage in Australia; and (2) sugar imported into the Commonwealth in violation of this section is considered a prohibited import under Customs Act 1901-1930, and the provisions of that prohibited import act apply to all sugars thus imported into the Commonwealth.

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